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Every month we bring new underground films you won’t find anywhere else. Cultivating art from up-and-coming visionaries outside of the scope of the mainstream. Check the Write Brain TV Guide to see what’s playing!

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Times are tough. That’s why we offer FREE underground classics every week. You’ve got 7 days before we switch to a new film. Expect the unexpected, as we cast a light into the shadows of obscure cinema.

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This website is currently in its beta-phase, constantly growing and evolving. Our membership is part of that experience. We want you to grow with us, to create a space for underground art to live.

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Massage the Tape

McCoy went full steam ahead with this sophomore film, a less accessible, more personal work. This experimental horror film is a visceral fever dream about ego, mental illness, crime, and the roaming voyeurs technology has turned us into against the backdrop of a surveillance state.

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Nightcrawlers: The Director's Cut

In 2020, a reel of never-before-seen Ektachrome film believed to be from the production of Nightcrawlers was found in a freezer. Now it's been restored and reintegrated into the film as the definitive cut with over 3 minutes of new footage!

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Sweet Home

When a film crew arrives at an abandoned mansion, they discover a batch of antique murals and attempt to restore them for publishing. Things go awry when strange happenings begin, including possession of one of the crew members by an angry spirit. This lost classic inspired Resident Evil.

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Yang Metal Rat

The sophomore film by Write Brain thrusts audiences into the viewfinder of an American filmmaker traveling to China in 2020 for the Lunar New Year. He ends up witnessing the outbreak of a global crisis.




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