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The John Pilger Collection

(Written by and Starring John Pilger, 8 films, 1971-1996)



In 1967, Henry Kissinger and Richard Nixon began a conquest for world domination and few journalists dared to explore the ravaged countries left behind. John Pilger did. Spanning 3 continents and stretching across seven countries, the John Pilger Collection is a one-way ticket into the eye of imperialism, where Western greed took some of the most beautiful places in the world and reduced them to war zones. 

Take a globe-trotting trip across the ruins of civilization destroyed by unfettered greed, illegal CIA-backed coups, and corporate colonialism, where John Pilger and his band of brave collaborators set out to ask a very simple question: How many needless humans must die for America to finally feel safe? 

Whether in the hot and sticky jungles of Cambodia under the despot Pol Pot and his radical band of fanatics known as “The Khmer Rouge”, or tracing the despair left in the wake of the Contra death squads in Nicaragua, this series will make you re-think the way the world has been shaped around us. And the casualties taken to get us here.

Vietnam: Still America's War

Directed by Charlie Denton (1973)

Year Zero: The Silent Death Of Cambodia

Directed by David Munro (1979)

Nicaragua: A Nation's Right To Survive

Directed by Alan Lowery (1983)

Burp! Pepsi Vs. Coke: The Ice Cold War

Directed by Alan Lowery (1984)

Cambodia: The Betrayal

Directed by David Munro (1990)

Death Of A Nation: The East Timor Conspiracy

Directed by David Munro (1994)

Inside Burma: Land Of Fear

Directed by David Munro (1996)

Conversations With A Working Man

Directed by John Pilger (1971)