Write Brain TV

Rome: Death To America Soundtrack


(Score arranged and performed by Andrew Meehah, 2023)


Rome is a political commentator, garnering millions of views for his ideas. He is an activist raising thousands of dollars for his community and building a public library. He is revolutionary, trying to build the largest black communist militia in America… To overthrow the government. This is the set-up to Write Brain TV’s first special, and now you can listen to the hard-hitting and memorable score that helped bring the pain of Detroit to life musically! Performed and arranged by Write Brain regular composer Andrew Meehan, the heartbreaking cellos from funeral dirges capture the dying American middle class and soul-piercing electronic violins project a crumbling empire. This powerful¬† is book-ended by the powerful word’s of the films subject. Rome: Death To America is the perfect ode to the sound scape that made the film earth shattering for the audience.