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Krautrocksampler: One Head’s Guide To Great Kosmische Musik¬†

(Written by Julian Cope, 1995)


Julian Cope is a name that forever echoes to this day in most British graffiti-filled alley ways, underground music halls, & punk record shops. His reputation & grip on the subculture of rock & roll and punk’s even graced countries across the pond. Known for being a part of the monumental Liverpool band the Crucial Three, the name ironically is fitting, with all three members of the trio going on to found iconic bands in their futures. Julian Cope built world-wide fandom with his ’78 band The Teardrop Explodes, spending the next five years non-stop touring the world, giving enigmatic interview appearances that would raise their profile, & putting his daily thoughts down in a notebook stained with cigarette burns. After The Teardrop Explodes fell apart, as most iconic garage bands do, he spent a year in seclusion & began to explore the writings of LSD-pioneer Timothy Leary & his exploits with the Eternal Brotherhood of Love. Soon, he was experimenting with LSD to expand his consciousness with his writing & journalism beginning to command respect from music critics & fans alike. His holy grain of literature would come out in 1995, a crescendo of his decade of written works; focusing on the explosion of music in the crumbling & dread-filled post-WWII environment of Europe, specifically Eastern Europe, Cope does a does deep dive into the emotional rubble of the public’s consciousness which later become a cesspool for festering indie music luminaries. Krautrocksampler is the bible for any fans interested in the subculture of underground European rock & roll.