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The Devils Of Loudun

(Written by Aldous Huxley, 1952)


Aldus Huxley’s well-researched chilling retelling of one of the most disturbing scandals in 17th century France that lead to a violent public execution, is as shocking today as it was when it was written. The story is as old as time; The Roman Catholic Church was growing in power and political power influence with nothing in the way to stop them, until a young priest named Urbain Grandier begins to grow in popularity in his small town. Young, handsome, & beloved by the people, Grandier criticized the corruption & dated perspectives of the Cardinal, making an enemy of the political establisment. By exerting pressure, bribing the right authorities, & forcing confessions from mentally ill nuns, the church manages to convince the population they have been demonically possessed by Grandier & he’s put on trial for witchcraft. Refusing to admit guilt, Grandier faces severe brutality & torture before the public if he refuses to admit guilt. Huxley’s interest in history & attention to detail mixed with the riveting style of prose we’d come to know him for in “Brave New World” makes the novel a quick-read that takes allows a thoughtful observational approach to play out into madness & violence, never losing the sight of how prophetic the scenario is, a tactic used even today by the establishment to smear, defame, & often destroy anyone that stands in the way of their plans. Seen as a critique of the church at the time, this book would inspire the controversial Ken Russell horror masterpiece The Devils, with Oliver Reed practically leaping off the page of Huxley’s tour de force novel. We’re proud to present one of Huxley’s most horrifying spectral visions of the past, present, & future.