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** SOLD OUT** Yang Metal Rat VHS (Limited)


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*Three years have gone by since Write Brain has added a new video release to its growing library, vowing to only produce tapes sourced from 35mm film or SOV. When the award-winning sophomore documentary dropped in peak Covid, it went unnoticed by many, with the public lost in a state of social unrest & a seemingly never ending claustrophobic lockdown.

Seen as as a “spiritual successor” to Nightcrawlers comprised of the same team, this time Stephen McCoy compose the hallucinatory on a broken keyboard he inherited, while Nightcrawler’s producer Kevin Ronca stepped behind the camera for the very first time for his debut feature film… But in typical Write Brain fashion, the story behind the film is almost as shocking as what’s on the screen!

Coming off the “success” of Nightcrawlers (blacklisted by all streaming sites, most film festivals, & dropped by their agents for being unmarketable), Write Brain founders Kevin Ronca & Stephen McCoy were on a hiatus from filmmaking. During the Chinese New Year, Kevin took a vacation with his wife to visit her family in Foshan China, armed with a camcorder & hoping to capture some family memories… Only to instead capture the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic a full 2 months before the disease swept the world. Featuring some of the earliest footage of the panic, hysteria, & camaraderie that came in the midsts of a world crisis; Yang Metal Rat is literal fever dream through the technicolored lights of one of the most beautiful, densely populated, & surveillanced country in the world as it grapples with one of its greatest challenges yet… Allowing audiences to be a fly on the wall & witness a triumph of the human spirit.

Never-before-released on tape, this video was sourced from the original VHS-C tapes & is limited to 5 copies, with reversible covers on a red slab complete in a white clamshell & comes with free shipping! These will ship on January 11th, 2024.