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**SOLD OUT** Mister Designer VHS (Limited)


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In the 80’s, the USSR… was in shambles. With Western influences seeping in, the nation was in chaos with a great uncertainty of the nation’s future in question, producing a thick dread that hung over the land. It was during this time that his fear manifested into 12 horror films that captured the growing unrest & defied Stalin’s hatred for horror movies; The Fear Before The Fall. With censorship out the window, Soviet filmmakers seized the moment & crafted some monumental horror films, but none more masterfully crafted & terrifying than what many hailed as the USSR’s greatest work of the macabre;

Mister Designer! Released in 1987 but set in a 1920s Tsarist Russia, a time of unfettered greed & autocracy, a tortured artist is in desperate search of inspiration for his next piece. He soon finds it in the most unlikely of places, going on a killing spree that becomes the source for his most popular new sculptures. As his reputation grows, suspicion begins to mount when every muse he meets mysteriously goes missing. Seen as a classier, more technically sound, & far more groundbreaking experimental chilling facelift (no pun intended) of Corman’s campy schlockfest “Bucket Of Blood”, Mister Designer is Soviet masterpiece of the highest order.

Sourced from the original 35mm film print, it’s pressed on a red clamshell with a numbered spine, with a reversible cover. Limited to a run of only 5, it comes with free shipping!