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When it comes to Write Brain’s controversial & infamous history, few films are more beloved & feared than their debut documentary, the controversial award-winning documentary Nightcrawlers! This limited edition tape was released in 2020 & only sold at in-person events for their road tour. With no festival or indie theater daring to screen the film despite multiple requests after its premiere in Nashville, these tapes were sold on the road & only 100 were ever produced.

In 2010, aspiring filmmaker Stephen McCoy graduated high school. Looking to craft his first film, he took his hi8 camera on the streets of Boston to the notorious Methadone Mile to capture the homeless addicts living on the streets. People he called “Nightcrawlers”. After 5 years… He became one. Edited by filmmaker Luc Benson from 80 hours of Stephen’s hi8 tapes from 5+ years of filming, this cinematic experience blurs the line between the director & his subject, with McCoy going from fly-on-the-wall observer to Nightcrawler, eventually hitting rock bottom in the last few minutes of the film with one of the most visceral & brutally honest finales of any documentary of all time! McCoy manages to administer to the audience a fatal dose of truth, both in spotlighting the despair of the human condition and the shockwaves the pharmaceutical wave left in the suburbs with the growing opioid epidemic.

Sourced from the Stephen’s original hi8 tapes, Nightcrawlers is a master class in cinema verite filmmaking & pushes the boundaries of human decency & ethical filmmaking. This tape comes with reversible covers on a green slab trapped in a white clamshell case & comes with free shipping!