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Heart Of Darkness ** Sealed ** (VHS)


Whenever a director tackles a passion project, you know they’re going on an adventure. But what happens when your overly ambitious journey leaves you stranded out in war torn Cambodia, with a drugged-up crew, a superstar that costs a million dollars a day showing up overweight & not knowing his lines, you’ve already replaced the lead actor once & your new leading man just had a heart attack 2 weeks into production from how crazy the shoot is? Your producers are calling you up, because you’re years behind schedule & have inflated the budget nearly 5 times what was agreed upon, but are invested since you’ve already shot miles of footage? Now you’re sitting naked in the jungle, like the savages your film is about, the stress is mounting, & you put a gun to your temple, thinking of ending it all?

This is the insane story of filmmaker Francis Ford Coppola’s 4 year journey crafting the epic anti-war masterpiece Apocalypse Now. In this documentary Heart Of Darkness, Coppola’s wife Eleanor Coppola, who was by his side through the entire road to finishing the film, chronicles the wild ups & downs of one of the most insane productions in Hollywood’ history. With unprecedented access behind the scenes of a film that was doomed for failure, but out of the destruction came one of the most timeless anti-imperialist works of art in American cinema. This film should be mandatory viewing for any aspiring filmmaker. This tape is sealed & watermarked. it is 100% mold & kept in a smoke free environment & comes with free with free shipping!

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