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In the 80’s, the USSR… was in shambles. With Western influences seeping in, the nation was in chaos with a great uncertainty of the nation’s future in question, producing a thick dread that hung over the land. It was during this time that his fear manifested into 12 horror films that captured the growing unrest & defied Stalin’s hatred for horror movies; The Fear Before The Fall. Every country has their own take on the portmanteau aka anthology film. With the ability to tell multiple stories in a single film, anthology films played to the strength of the macabre, with short story collections, penny dreadfuls, & pulp horror comics being a quintessential part of 20th century horror. Naturally, the USSR had their own version of one of the genre’s most beloved horror genres;

The Veldt! Based on the works of American master of horror & science fiction, Ray Bradbury (One of his most famous short stories serves as the films title), this kaleidoscope of terrifying tales weaves together some of the writer’s most chilling & philosophical works. From a futuristic & phantasmagoric children’s play pen to sleazy husband’s looking to a strange company that makes androids to escape their dead end life, this film submerges you in the subconscious of one of the world’s most feared wordsmiths, creating a creepy collection that collides into a psychedelic horror masterpiece.

Sourced from the original 35 mm film print, this tape is limited to 5 copies & has reversible covers complete in a white clamshell & comes with free shipping! These will ship on January 11th, 2024.