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American Splendor VHS


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Robert Crumb took the world by storm in the late 60's by escaping a troubled home life and using his impressionist sketch style to capture the writing of some of the most transgressive cartoonists of his generation, as well as his own perverted thoughts about women, religion, sex, drugs, & politics. But the most affective many would say he did was drawing the illustrations for underground comic writer Harvey Pekar of the "American Splendor" fame. A post office laborer with a penchant for collecting records & speaking his mind, Pekar would document the conversations that happened around him amongst working class people in his everyday life making him an icon to the indie comic book scene. This biopic stars Paul Giamatti, in an early role, where he chews the scenery by the eccentric & unlikely hero of the working class & counter-culture comic book world. This tape comes from a smoke-free home & is 100% mold free with free shipping!