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White Dog (Criterion DVD)


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Sam Fuller, a remarkable landmark cinematographer that transitioned into a wunderkind director of 60’s Hollywood, few films raised as many eyebrows as one of his last filmmaking experiments; White Dog. Considered an anomaly & an indie film before it was a mainstay genre; this character sketch works as an allegory for whether or not the racist nature of humans can be unlearned. The film’s concept sounds simple enough. A woman driving comes across a rabid dog left on the street & takes it to a animal facility. The doctors want to put it down, but a black trainer believes he can save the dog & help it unlearn its brutal behavior. Soon, the trainer realizes the former owner was a racist & the dog has a penchant for attacking minorities. But can racism be unlearned, or are humans doomed to hold that hatred in for the rest of their lives? This criterion DVD comes with free shipping & the fantastic design they used to be known for.