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The Great Gabbo DVD


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Infamously known for his behind-the-camera work as his behind-the-scenes drama, actor / director Eric Von Stroheim built his legacy & bad reputation with equal parts hard work & hard living. His anti-capitalist epic masterpiece Greed was lost for decades, pieced back by the most noble & patient film archivists, its original 5-hour form still a legend in tinseltown. But his terrifying film The Great Gabbo, which combined the Vaudeville spectacles that captured the world’s admiration in times of war & the terrifyingly complex psychology of ventriloquist performers served as the basis for this pre-code “erotic” thrillers about a tortured artist losing himself to the parasitic nature of his work. This Great Gabbo DVD has one of the better transfers for a film that’s been lost to time & fallen into the congested shadows of public domain. This DVD comes with free shipping!