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Scorsese DVD Boxset


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When you think of crime films, mafia movies, & or grand-sweeping epics that ride stylized montages through the past, present, & future to weave historic sagas about some of the worst people in the world, while making the whole experience a blast at the movies… You gotta be thinking of Scorsese. Armed with one of the best editors in history, Thelma Schoonmaker, he’s crafted a filmography that tells its own story of his artistic arc from low-budget Corman filmmaker to Hollywood icon. This boxset captures a mix of the old & the new, with masterworks like “Raging Bull”, his rare misstep of “New York, New York” and one of his earliest works of the 70’s, his early Corman-produced “Boxcar Bertha”. This DVD set is in excellent condition, with strong artistic packaging, & and high-quality transfers of the films. It also comes with free shipping!