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Deadman (VHS)


What does an indie filmmaker that is blowing up in the mid 90’s for your refreshingly dark & dry sense of humor, while reigniting of the neo-realist aesthetic at the height of cheesy studio movies? Do you deliver another everyman fly-on-the-wall story of nihilist nobodies just passing time?

Nah fuck that: You do what Jarmusch did & shock the world by delivering one of the first psychedelic acid western’s in 40 years! With a soundtrack by Neil Young & Johnny Depp as the lead, this monochromatic anti-western plays out with the brutality & shattered Western mythos of a lost Cormac McCarthy novel. Set in an undisclosed time, Jarmusch applies his no-wave techniques to the Western genre, draining the color of Red River & painted canyons, replacing them with black & white still valleys & crumbling towns. Dead-end prostitutes, failing job prospects, & a host of colorful characters (real & imaginary) that wander in & out of the protagonists, an accountant’s, bleak life, a protagonist feeling just as at home in the Jarmusch’s Old West, as the dilapidated landscapes in New York’s inner city that became his first sound stage. Dead Man stands out as a fascinating case study in his filmography. This VHS tape was kept in smoke free environment, is 100% mold free, & comes with free shipping!

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