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Hunter S. Thompson Books (Hells Angels & Rum Diaries)


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In the late 1960's, the Summer of love was in full swing. Vietnam protests, The Black Panthers & the civil rights movement, drugs, sex, & rock and roll. There were many journalists... Then there was Hunter S. Thompson. A larger-than-life Gonzo persona solidified in the bloody cigarette-burnt pages of his typewriter where he documented his exaggerated mile-a-minute stream of consciousness chemical-induced lifestyle & crafted a new form of fiction writing inspired by Burroughs & Wolfe. Before he became this persona, he wrote two books in his youth: "Hell's Angels", where he followed the notorious biker gang (before they found the manuscript & nearly beat him to death) & "The Rum Diary" about his alcohol-drenched exploits on a pulpy vacation as a teen. Both books are presented here in softcover with free shipping!