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The Selected Writings Of Thomas De Quincey (Hardcover, 1937)


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Thomas De Quincey doesn’t often get the credit he deserves in literature. Beyond being one of the first writers from a privileged background to shatter the stigmas of how we characterize drug addiction, De Quincey’s work in “Confessions Of An English Opium Eater” influenced later junk poets like William S Burroughs & Donald Goines. This collection features these writings, some of his best essays, & his later work Suspiria de Profundis, a phantasmagoric work of prose that influenced Dario Argento to later create his magnum opus, the Giallo psychedelic horror film “Suspiria”. This book has ever bit of work you’d ever want from De Quincey, whether new to his works or a fanatic. Missing its dust jacket, we personally find them annoying & think it adds a vintage feel to the collection. This item also features free shipping!