Write Brain TV

Wayward Poems From Underneath The Bridge

(Written by Stephen McCoy, 2023)


After a lengthy hiatus following the release of his last feature film Massage The Tape in 2020, filmmaker and Write Brain TV co-founder Stephen McCoy (Nightcrawlers) faced a harrowing creative block after releasing a 30-song album, 2 short film collections, a screenplay, and a play. Back in a clearer state of mind, he delivers a new poetry book dripping in blood and ink, a blend of age-old nihilism juxtaposed with a more gentle and introspective growth the world has seldom seen from him. With a filmography built on beauty and brutality, McCoy’s intense balancing act between the creator Stephen sometimes wishes to be and the tormented soul that survived a filmography that would have killed most directors (or at the very least deeply scarred them), Wayward Poems From Underneath The Bridge is a return to form for Stephen by expressing himself on his own abstract terms, baring his soul for the world to see, but capturing it with ancient and archaic machines used as weapons, this time instead of the camcorder: It’s the typewriter. McCoy’s releases are sparse due to his nomadic nature, but this book uses the shape of the page to create physicality, while constricting the breath of the viewer with each smash of the key. McCoy remains in control of the reader, as he often is with his viewers, an uncompromising vision of brute force and honest vulnerability.