Write Brain TV

Video Kaleidoscope Co-Hosted by Lunchmeat VHS

(Virtual @ the Write Brain Theater (11pm EST-? / $5 per ticket)

Turn on, tune in, & drop-out as Lunchmeat Video & Write Brain TV join forces to bring you an all-out, all-night celebration with a VHSmorgasbord showcasing some of the best in shot-on-tape cinema!

This special virtual one-night only screening at the Write Brain Theater will beam you from your living room back in time, on a cosmic journey back in trace the story of one of the most monumental & mind-melting formats of all time… VHS!

With a cosmic & careful curation, Write Brain TV & Lunchmeat VHS will take audiences on a rare odyssey; From the strange but true story of how Chuck Norris tapes were flooded into foreign countries to launch revolutions, to the grimiest 80’s heavy metal parking lots where bootleg tape trading became a way of life, this exploration will including documentaries, experimental films, & work from some of the best up-and-comers still utilizing the everyman format to challenge the language of cinema in a way only tape can!

With the high cost of film, VHS, Hi8, & other forms of tape were the format of the working class & artists without means, giving the power to anyone with a few bucks to conjure an image & become filmmakers. Whether it was a family member trying to capture a memory on celluloid, or a couple of friends coming together to make a horror film on a shoe-string budget, VHS medium was a crucial element in turning anyone with a vision into an auteur.

This one-night only screening is February 16th at 11pm EST and will feature multiple films & special guests. Tickets are $5.