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The Fugs – The Fug’s First Album


( Performed by The Fugs, 1965)


“The most vulgar thing the human mind could ever conceive,” the FBI proclaimed in their later released file on psychedelic blues band “The Doors”. Considered one of their most ringing endorsements, The Fugs was a political anti-war psych rock and avant garde noise band that became one of the many leaders of the 60’s counter culture. With close association to the beats (including Allen Ginsberg), a constantly shifting line-up of freaks, and a self-awareness that allowed them to have a biting sense of humor that never took itself too seriously, The Fugs were a force to be reckoned with. By the time they were picked up by Atlanta Records and seen for their value, the record label didn’t know what to do with the band, permanently shelving their first album. Named for Norman Mailer’s book “The Naked And The Dead”, where the word fuck became fug, they were the other side of the coin of the more serious Vietnam protest rock of Country Joe And The Fish.