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The Black Heart Death Cult – Sonic Mantras


( Performed by The Blackheart Death Cult, 2021)


Dripping sublingual lysergic psychedelia like the melting wax on a midnight candle lit on both ends, The Black Heart Death Cult’s Sonic Mantras is the newest entry into our growing music library! Hailing from Melbourne, The Black Heart Death Cult have been cooking up chemically unbalanced Psych Rock for years now, but on Sonic Mantras, the band sounds as tight and muscular as ever. Featuring a wailing array of droney, fuzzy guitars, stampeding drum runs, and washed out vocals, TBHDC urge listeners to “Please take the time to listen to the earth. It is crying. This is what it sounds like. One of the Standout tracks is ‘Death From Above’, where the group channels New Age Psych luminaries The Brian Jonestown Massacre to thrilling ends. Bookended with a pair of cosmic Eastern-influenced nine-minute jams, The Black Heart Death Cult clearly articulates the open-ended dread of modern life while reminding listeners that another way is possible, amping up ethereal sitar and pummeling backbeats that seduce the mind and induce a paranoid absinthe reverie.