Write Brain TV

TERMINATOr – Church Music


( Performed by Church Music, 2024)


TERMINATor is New York trio of experimental No Wave punkers made up of Allison Brant, Lauren Rodriguez, and Veronica Dye. Angular, discordant, and brimming with that certain brand of DIY defiance, Church Music doubles-down on the group’s thrillingly bleak and Velvets-y debut to deliver one of this year’s most daring and distinct LPs.  This time, TERMINATor boils down their lo-fi sludge to its essence; taut and tortured guitars, laconic rhythms, and the intoxicatingly droll, distant, and disaffected vocals, and a touch of haunting piano keys, resulting in a straight shot of dark poisonous swill manufactured to kill pop stars. Infusing the art-school adventurism of Wire and the iconoclast exuberance of The Raincoats or Beat Happening, with a spill of the bleak street poetry of Lydia Lunch, TERMINATor have brewed their very own blend of mutinous punk; the sound of late-night lurkers slinkily stalking along grey-rain soaked pavement down into the subway tunnel to feed on scraped filth and cigarette butts as the early morning bustle of commercial commuters drive out the last vestiges of dark sanctuary. Welcome to New York … WRITE BRAIN TV is proud to present this NEW RELEASE of TERMINATor’s minimalist masterpiece Church Music!