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Strawberry Sleepover – Exploding Strawberry Inevitable

( Performed by Strawberry Sleepover, 2021)



Hailing from Baltimore’s growing underground music scene, Strawberry Sleepovers mind-melting music is breaking barriers and oozing into the cracks between garage and psychedelic rock. Their third official studio album Exploding Strawberry Inevitable is a culmination years of on-the-road tours into grimy bars, basement acid parties, and hole-in-the-wall venues across the North East (The kind of lairs it wouldn’t be out of the norm seeing party-goers downing Whiskeys or dropping blotter acid on their tongue at). It was these arenas Strawberry Sleepover perfected their cosmic sound and an ability to whisk the audience away to barren lands deep in the caverns of their consciousness. Keep your third eye open for future releases from this Maryland mainstay.