Write Brain TV

Strawberry Sleepover – Electric Blue


( Performed by Strawberry Sleepover, 2019)


Hailing from Baltimore, Strawberry Sleepover oozed onto the underground music scene and began with their debut Electric Blue. Psychedelic sorcerer & lead guitarist Tom Letterman conjures the spirit of psychedelia and Zappa-like ethos that progressively builds each track, ending with the familiar and mind-melting finale Morning Glory Medley (which is also the theme song to our original series, Write Past Midnite). But Tom Letterman isn’t alone on this odyssey, with Adam Sommer’s vocals and songwriting directing the free-flowing explosion of sound like the moon does the tide, giving the sometimes extended jams a lit path to travel, an auditory astral projection sent deep into the crevices of the listener’s mind. The strumming of Dave Lambert’s 12-string guitar keeps the band’s journey to space in orbit, accompanied by the thunderous percussion of Dominic Bently, backed by Blake Spooner’s booming bass keeping the rhythm, taming the wild beast. Chris Stoll rounds it out, his keyboards capturing the magic in a bottle that is Strawberry Sleepover. We’re proud to present this underground classic from one of psychedelic rock’s most exciting new ensembles.