Write Brain TV



( Produced and Performed by Sir EU, 2011)


Before he became a household name & D.C legend in both comedy and experimental hip/hop, ephemeral musical presence & lord of the lysergic rhymes Sir EU (also host of Write Past Midnite) crafted this early album over a decade ago. Since then he’s conquered both the rap game and the independent rap scene with a prolific 24 hour record breaking freestyle in a hotel lobby that was equal parts performance artist, endurance test, & old school hip/hop spirit mashed into one, recently graced the stage of South By Southwest’s rising talent, & teamed up with glitch artist Baltimore legend Dinkie Pie to build a reputation as formidable counter-culture content creators. But before he grew bored of mastering classic rhyme-slingin’ backpack rap he delivered the aptly titled FXCK, embodying the phoenix-like spirit of the old school hip hop you’d hear on classics like Atliens and early Del The Funky Homosapien cuts, where each line moves like an endless unpredictable stream of conscious under drug-laced drums and raw instrumentals.

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