Write Brain TV

Saturday Night Fever Dreams Pt.2  6/22

 (Virtual @ the Write Brain Theater (10pm-Encores All Night)

Warning: These films feature no-holds-barred visions of addiction, as well as abuse, both emotionally & physically… Be advised.

Fasten your seatbelt & look for a clean vein, because tonight we’re mainlining 3 films that capture the toxic nature of addiction & the parasitic relationships they spawn in our 2nd installment of this month’s series; Saturday Night Fever Dreams. Encoring all-night long, we’ve got 3 masterpieces from the streets of New York City over a span of several decades, each showing the almost inescapable cycle of misery loving company & junk’s continued present in poisoning the youth in the rotten apple. First up, Al Pacino’s debut film based on a photograph series Panic At Needle Park follows Bobby, a street-smart functioning addict full of charisma that meets a fish out of water warm-hearted, but naive Kentuckian named Helen that is having issues settling into New York’s fast-paced lifestyle. What starts as puppy love soon develops into a dog from hell as Bukowski would describe it. Next up, we’ve got the 90’s shot-on-video cinema verite documentary Dope Sick Love. A massive influence on Write Brain TV’s Nightcrawlers, this unflinching portrait of street urchin couples fighting each other & their habit in an everyday struggle for survival is an earth-shattering piece of cinema back when HBO had a soul. We end the night with the Safdie’s best (& least talked about) masterwork; Heaven Knows What  based on the unpublished memoirs of Arielle Holmes about her futile relationship that always orbits the needle. This triple movie virtual screening is hosted by Kevin Ronca.