Write Brain TV

Saturday Night Fever Dreams Pt.1  6/15

 (Virtual @ the Write Brain Theater (10pm-Encores All Night)

Warning: Tonight’s first installment of our Saturday Night Fever Dreams series may cause night terrors & make it unable to sleep! You’ve been warned!

Inspired by the late-night double-bills & double-features on 42nd avenue and other gritty grindhouse theaters full of insomniacs, couples looking for a place to be intimate & anonymous in the darkness of the theater, & cinephiles looking for good cinema during those restless hours on Saturday nights can now experience this enigma in the Write Brain Theater virtually every single Saturday of this month. This double-feature will loop ALL NIGHT LONG, so you can pop in any time!  Tonight we’ve got two films that scream NEW YORK, NEW YORK… LITERALLY!! These Hitchcockian paranoid psychological home invasion thrillers each center around forms of deception, playing cat & mouse, questioning whether or not you can trust strangers, & also orbit around a children’s toy. In the 1st film, a Teddy Bear becomes the source of a woman’s intimate relationship with a new tenant… That could also be a wanted serial killer… In the second film, Audrey Hepburn plays a blind woman (in one of her final & arguably best roles) who doesn’t know there’s a doll inside her house stuffed with high grade heroin due to a greedy courier’s deceptive nature. This leads to 2 dangerous con artists & one sadistic dealer that will do anything to get it back. This screening is free!