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Prophecy Club – Self Titled


( Performed by Prophecy Club, 2021)


This madcap six-piece outfit from Fort Worth, Texas conjures up a rousing and skronked-out brew of post-punk mania. Teeming with deranged saxophone blares, blistering buzzsaw guitar, and exuberant vocal bleats, the band brandishes a brassy muscularity reminiscent of Downtown Boys and the hubris and exuberance of new wave visionaries X Ray Spex. Howling and wailing away about all matters of manic affairs, the Minutemen-like urgency is only matched by the surprisingly sweet melodic lines and the impressive throaty acrobatics of the vocals. With wailing vocals by Rob, blaring sax styling by Dan, shredding lead guitar by Braden dueling with the rhythmic strums of Nick, a slapping bass by Christian, and hard-hitting drums by John Foster, you won’t find these people online (which they prefer), adding to the mystique of this never-before-released album by the best underground super group you never heard of.

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