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Phantom Ships – Phantom Ships


( Performed by Phantom Ships, 2021)


The sound of a sickness entering your veins, Phantom Ships navigates the night in search of a forbidden fix. This Greenville, SC psych-rock band sounds like they’d actually be more at home in dusty desert vista dregs sucking tequila out of cactus paddles and daring the gods to strike them down. Melding the industrial goop of classic Sabbath with the taut sophistication of Protomartyr, post-hardcore influences, and all the derelict grand stylings of stoner rock’s past, the result is this wild, primal, southern-fried Goo Goo Muck. Basslines churn like midnight dirges and jangly guitars that shimmer like reflections off of sooty heavy metal machinery, creating a sound so sludgey it’s like shoving a stethoscope into a bursting oil pipeline.