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P.F.L.P – Resistance Until Victory

(Written by Various Writers, 1969)



Written in February of 1969 during a Congress held by the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, this revolutionary blueprint lays out both a theoretical program and an actionable strategy for the Palestinian People in their struggle of resistance against the multi-pronged forces of global colonialism, fascism, and Zionism. Taking an academic and analytical, historical materialist approach to the then-recent history of the Palestine and Israel conflict, the radicals and guerillas of the Popular Front succeeded in writing one of the most illuminating and tangible re-workings of Marxism to ever hit the page and battlefield. Regarded as a very accessible work, this is an absolute must read for anyone who wishes to better understand life under a vicious and brutal apartheid regime, as well as the legacy of horrors wrought by this conflict. Despite having since gone through numerous ideological shifts and degrees of institutionalization, the PLO remains staunchly adversarial to all those Western powers intent on outsourcing their psychopathic genocidal aspirations to Israel. Because of this, the group has been outright dismissed by the United States as merely a terrorist organization, although they remain recognized by the Arab League and the United Nations as the official and legitimate representatives of the Palestinian People. Write Brain proudly presents this liberating landmark of revolutionary theory and action.