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Kadeem Ward & His Mechanical Devices – Forced Convictions / Broken Whispers EP


( Performed by Kadeem Ward, 2016)


From the farthest reaches of Barbados comes a blast of cosmic slop and psychedelic strumming of one man band Kadeem Ward (and his mechanical devices), capable of stretching the fabrics of space and time with the stroke of his guitar. In Forced Convictions / Broken Whispers EP, Ward unleashes the endless power of his electric axe and mystical wah-wah pedals, shattering our doors of perception wide open. From there he gives birth to a style all his own, the perfect bastard child of Hendrix penchant for improvised mind-melting bluesy overtures at live shows and Robert Johnson’s minimalist style of two-walls-and-an-amp recording. With just two tracks stretching over twenty minutes each, Ward conjures juxtaposing visions; Hallucinatory audio assaults of a molecular world where all is one, a constant flow of moving parts of beautiful chaos that melt into a well orchestrated piece of musical synergy. With its freedom flow of fluid, yet feverish solos, scales of musical sorcery, and long slow-building arcs to a faraway oasis, Ward (and his mechanical devices) make sure when the EP is over and you’re sitting in a silent daze in your room contemplating what just took place… Not one piece of his heart and soul hasn’t been emptied into the atmosphere.