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Triple Threat Feature #2: Juneteenth

(Virtual @ the Write Brain Theater (10pm-3 am)

Today, on the special anniversary of Juneteenth, we’re following in our theme of celebrating the rotten apple w/ a triple feature of 3 of their most fearless & baddest pro-black films of the 70’s! At the time, it was difficult in the studio for black auteurs to get cast, let alone get behind the camera. Blaxploitation being a box office cash cow were usually directed by white directors. Enforcing tropes (often harmful) & stereotypes in representation of black culture & throwing it back in the face of the audience in a satirical way was hit or miss. In some cases, these films were harmful to communities, but in the rare case they found themselves in the hands of black directors. Then the enigma of this genre & its true power hit full force yielding revolutionary cinema of lush cinematography, legendary scores, phenomenal acting, & have a powerful message that shattered stereotypes & transgressed the tropes with a revolutionary message.

In Willie Dynamite (1973), Civil Rights activist Gilbert Moses delivers the tale of a charismatic pimp searching for redemption, in Superfly (1972), one of the genres most established black directors, Gordon Parks Jr., delivers a tale of a pusher trying to get out of the underworld, & Cotton Comes Back To Harlem (1970) finds 2 black detectives on the other side of the law fighting corrupt cops to take down a charlatan reverend. All 3 films are notable for their strong black female characters, often the guiding light in each tale of spiritual triumph. It kicks off 10 pm EST @ the Write Brain Theater.