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Jak Progresso – Pendragon


( Performed by Jak Progresso, 2021)


From the catacombs of underground hip hop lives an emcee that’s stalked his way through the scene for 2 decades. With over two dozen EPs under a belt fashioned from the decapitated heads of emcees that dangle like trophies from his battle rap days, Jak Progresso is a name you should know if you have an appetite for skull-crushing punchlines and grimy New York beats. In “Pendragon”, Jak brings sharpened steel bars and deep laced beats, creating a moody pit-and-the-pendulum auditory experience. It’s all neatly arranged over dark strings, thunderous drums, and obscure samples, inviting audiences to take part in their funeral procession. With “Lines Of Bleach” the horror-show begins, bringing jet black humor and fresh piano rolls fresh from the morgue of classic 90s rap that’s drenched in a delirious Gonzo style all its own. 

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