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Hauser – Heavy Set


( Performed by Hauser, 2022)


The Häuser Heavy Sets Challenge: Five minutes, four songs, three friends, two joints, and one six-pack. Find an abandoned warehouse in a dilapidated industrial district. Play LOUD. Smoke, drink, and fucking riot! And oh yeah, the cops are on the way, but you’ll be gone before they get there. This is elemental piss-bucket gutter-slop three-piece Punk Rock from somewhere in Who-gives-a-fuck, Virginia where confederate ghosts haunt like the great sootish fog chugging from chimneys the good stuff that makes the air in the room murky and thick and not even a proper hose-down could make you feel clean after. Of course the music is brash and distorted and warbling forth crookedly for it must barrel across the tracks like a train in a bad blues song just to smack you upside your contented head to remind you that life is short and you’re not moving fast enough.