Write Brain TV

Graffiti On The Window

(Written by Alexej Savreux, 2015)



Kansas City writer/vagabond Alexej Savreux unleashes an ecstatic rush of linguistic fury and esoteric imagery in this obscure poetry collection from 2015. Written while the author was living in seclusion and severely struggling with schizophrenia and depression, these diaristic entries are an unfiltered look at madness and malady.

Part One is visceral and raw, an unencumbered manic attempt to arrive at the end of a thought so a new one can begin. By Part Two, a more refined form and flowery style emerge, establishing an unexpected Ethos, a redemptive character stricken with grand Blake-ian delusions and Whitman’s adventurous ambition.

Savreux subverts the Classicists he clearly admires by adopting a Homeric sense of style to deliver a brutal critique of the tortuous banality of modern society. At turns invective, insightful, primal, and sophisticated, Savreux plumbs the depths of human empathy and desire in an earnest effort to reconcile Art, Philosophy, and Science.

Write Brain TV is proud to add this profoundly disturbing volume of satire and verse to our ever-growing library of radical literature!