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Free Breakfast For Children


( Presented by Ghais Guevara and Hosted by BMOREALIEN, DJ BANANA PEEL, and Sulffffffur, Performed by Free Breakfast For Children, 2023)


FREE BREAKFAST FOR CHILDREN is a rap supergroup boasting members from Philadelphia, Baltimore, and Brooklyn. This radically-charged mixtape is hosted by BMOREALIEN, DJ BANANA PEEL, and Sulffffffur, featuring rappers Ghais Guevara, the Tew World Order collective, the Money Over Zombie collective, John Wells, Perseu$, alanfromearth, among others. On this newly-released self-titled mixtape, FBFC come out spraying fire, and the steel-forging-steel collective spirit in the studio is evident, as the supergroup brandishes an arsenal of ferocious lyricism spanning the full spectrum of hip hop’s past; from inciting, politically-conscious bars, to felonious street scenes, to impressively melodic speed spittin’, and even some rock-the-mic full-posse cuts. This mixtape is a testament to the artform, that immediately grabs your attention and keeps on the trigger throughout, delivering a relentless barrage of clever rhymes, heavy bravado, and conscious wordplay.

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