Write Brain TV

Electro Pulp Issue #1

(Created by Mark Lombard and Brady Ritter, 2022)


What if we told you Mark Lombard, the wacky mind behind one of Write Past Midnite’s most beloved shorts. “Democrasaurus Rex”, released a limited edition six issue comic book he illustrated during lockdown? Welcome to the seedy spaced-out world of Electro Pulp, loaded with the same razor sharp satire blended with the type of bizarro worlds only Lombard’s warped imagination is capable of. For Electro Pulp, Lombard teamed up with friend and collaborator Brady Ritter. Their lethal mix of absurdist humor with a dangerously dry deadpan nihilism allows the reader to explore humanity’s greatest fears and desires in a far-out world that feels both a thousand light years away, yet and strangely familiar.  Each issue deliver six strange tales that each end with their own form of cosmic justice. Relive a classic fairy tale that swaps the charming prince with a Tesla-inspired corporate android that slowly drives a woman to madness, a Big Foot legend that has more in common with the blood-soaked pages of a Cormac McCarthy novel than any traditional cryptid folklore, plus much more!  Inside these 12 beautifully illustrated pages of this first issue of Electro Pulp, you can feel eery aspect of this comic series being made out of passion, embracing an artistic approach that defies the culture of consumerism, including its painstaking handmade process of creation. These rare magazines are out of print, limited to 25. So Mark made us a high-quality digital scan that captures all the colors and pencil work of the original hand-drawn master copy. So a blast off and take your mind on trip in Electro Pulp!