Write Brain TV

City That Never Sleeps Block #3  6/28

 (Virtual @ the Write Brain Theater (10pm-10am)

Tonite we end our City That Never Sleeps Insomniac Block & bring our celebration of the Concrete Jungle to a close with an epic dose of up-all-night 80’s insanity featuring some of the best cinema, shorts, grindhouse films, & raw from the streets of the Rotten Apple! With a trio of Giallo horror films, where Italy’s godfathers of horror invade the city, we’ve also got films about corrupt cops coming to terms with the post-Reagan crystallized corruption & continued war on the working class. We’ve got New York B-boys & breakers making the best use their environment & turning it into a culture that still influences life to this day. There’s also stories of street walkers, addicts, & vagabonds, wandering souls searching for meaning in the climax of a city, despite all its pain & tragedy, under control by the citizens. After this last wave of artistic brilliance & grittiness, Rudy & his corrupt wall street cronies would replace the street dealers with legal heroin Big Pharma cartels, the gangs with a militarized corrupt army known as the NYPD, & the other wanderers would be swapped out for yuppies & crooks from wall street. Take it in, this is the last stroke of genius in the melting pot of the misfits, the outlaws, the Bohemians, & the hip hop community.

Specially curated & hosted by founder Kevin Ronca, he’ll be up all night with you, watching films & keeping you company. Doors open 10pm EST.