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Checkpoint 303 – Checkpoint Tunes


( Performed by Checkpoint 303, 2012)


A name allegedly taken from one of the many apartheid Israel ‘checkpoints’ that blocks Palestinian passage — is an avant-garde activist sound art project that creates experimental electronic music raising awareness about the struggle for liberation, justice and self-determination, and against settler-colonialism, occupation, and the ongoing genocide in Gaza. Checkpoint 303 Tunes brilliantly utilizes “archive and field recordings, predominantly from Palestine and various countries throughout the Arab world, to construct soundscapes that weave cinematic audio with experimental sound processing, breakbeats & glitch. At times, drum lines and agitated staccato glitches become indistinguishable from archival gunfire, as one can only imagine how much these jarring sounds speak to the devastation, carnage, and surely-splintering psyches of the Palestinian cause. Led by Tunisian producer SC Mocha, who has numerous collaborations with Palestinian artists, Checkpoint 303 has performed all around the Arab globe, and even exited through the gift shop as an opening act for Massive Attack (whose frontman is rumored to be the world-renowned street artist Banksy).


:: Bandcamp https://checkpoint303.bandcamp.com

:: Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/checkpoint303

:: Soundcloud: http://soundcloud.com/checkpoint303

:: Website: http://www.checkpoint303.com


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