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Bluestaeb & S. Fidelity  Present: Underground Canopy


( Produced by Bluestaeb & S. Fidelity, 2020)


Flick off the lights, take a hit of what’s lit, and lift off with Underground Canopy, a five-piece Soul / Jazz / Hip-hop group based in Paris when they aren’t roaring across a night sky near you. Engineering a veritably unique sound of syncopated drums, warbling thick liquid basslines, and long, atmospheric trumpet blares that drift and curl like smoke off of lush, drawn-out walls of synth, Underground Canopy delivers spacey good times to anyone in earshot of their cosmic celebration of soul. And just before they drift out of signal range, the band transmits a few final deep-space derangements, including an array of hallucinatory Monk-meets-Debussy keys runs and wonderfully welcomed vamping on a familiar Outkast classic, ensuring this endlessly-exploratory band will never get slapped with a  label. This album was released by Menace, an independent label in Paris.

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