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Amusement Machine – Manipulations


( Performed by Amusement Machine, 2021)


Hailing from Oakland California, though stalking would be a better adjective, Amusement Machines’ album Manipulations follows you long after its last track, slowly drilling into your brain with its slowly thumping methodic bass lines, decrepit industrial death rattling noise experiments, and oozing sadistic synthesizers, all conjuring psychedelic death sequences that exist only within your imagination, elaborate beautiful kill scenes fit for any Giallo horror film. This out-of-body experience is juxtaposed with all the warmth and bittersweet ecstasy of nodding your face off after chewing disco biscuits at a rundown warehouse party in a part of the city where the sun never shines. With every pluck of a strings or pounding of a key, her heavy dread swallows the listener, inducing a trance-like state before she releases them from her sonic spell and lays bare even the most primal of sounds. The wicked result, equal parts industrial goth, equal parts sinister shaman of her hellish electronic soundscape, trespasses deep into even the most private parts of your mind. Amusement Machine managed to catch the attention of the infamous underground Columbian record label Body Musick after her EP “Emulator”, with the album Manipulations even being mastered by underground legend Filmmaker.

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