Write Brain TV

Revolutionary Revue II: A Night Of Palestinian Cinema

(4/23, 320th W 37th St, New York City) (6:30pm-9pm EST / $5 per ticket)

(Virtual @ the Write Brain Theater (9pm EST-Midnite / $6 per ticket)

Last August, audiences from around the country in 8 select cities (+ a virtual audience) witnessed the Cuban revolution against the imperialists over a span of 7 short films spanning 2 decades, raising thousands of dollars for mutual aid for the country long embargoed & blockaded by the war machine for not bowing to its exploitation and conquest. For the second installment of our Revolutionary Revue series, Write Brain TV is back with A Night Of Palestinian Cinema (From Epoch To Exile). With 7 new shorts, this time spanning a century of one of cinema’s most forbidden and erased film canons, the story of 75+ years of armed resistance & struggle against occupation by Apartheid Israel.

There is no time like the present than to let Palestine’s bravest auteurs from their film history (many who were killed by Israel in assassinations, airstrikes, & bombings) tell their story on their terms. With 8 different cities this time; Los Angeles, Providence, Miami, Orlando, New York City, Buffalo, Phoenix, & Philadelphia! But if you cannot attend in person, our virtual theater will be an option providing a a gateway to anyone around the world with access to the site interested in experiencing the event, with a chance to replay it later.

75% of all proceeds will be split between Doctors Without Borders & https://www.gofundme.com/f/help-bahjats-family-evacuate, a Go Fund Me for Bahjat, a close comrade of our friend / activist Calla Walsh that is trapped in Gaza. Buy tickets below.