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80’s NY Grindhouse Triple Threat¬† 6/26

(Virtual @ the Write Brain Theater (10pm-3 am)

As we move into our final leg of our journey back to the Concrete Jungle aka Fear City, or better known as New York, few things capture the grit & the grime better than the Grindhouse theaters which ran the perfect double-fills, double-features, & movie marathons for the night owls, insomniacs, delinquents, misfits, degenerates, juveniles, & other lost souls that wandered the strip in hopes to see the sun rise once again.

Tonight’s triple threat features 3 splatterhouse classics; First up, we’ve got an early Troma release that lit the world on fire; Combat Shock. Channeling the angst of Vietnam veterans returning home to less than they had when they left (other than a lifetime of trauma), it also channels the minimalist body horror elements of David Lynch’s Eraserhead that climaxes in a way that’ll never let you hear NY’s No-Wave band Suicide’s Frankie Teardrop again. Next up, it’s the debut film by midnite macabre maestro Frank Henenlotter (Frankenhooker); Basket Case! When a drifter arrives in the rundown cityscape of the Rotten Apple, he’s carrying cargo; a basket holding a family secret that will terrorize the streets in a way they’ll never forget. Finally, we go full on shock value with a film that screams Fun City! A messy monstrosity of a movie where Vietnam Vets are terrorized by a new drink on the market that reduces its victims to blob of flesh & bone… Think of it as the Grindhouse circuits answer to The Stuff! Hosted by filmmaker Kevin Ronca, the fun kicks off 10 pm EST! Enter if you dare!