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** SOLD OUT ** The End Of Civilization VHS (Limited)


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In the 80’s, the USSR… was in shambles. With Western influences seeping in, the nation was in chaos with a great uncertainty of the nation’s future in question, producing a thick dread that hung over the land. It was during this time that his fear manifested into 12 horror films that captured the growing unrest & defied Stalin’s hatred for horror movies; The Fear Before The Fall.

Soviet cinema & dystopian became synonymous, with a canon full of prophetic & philosophical visions of a bleak & distant future. From Stalker to A Visitor To The Museum, each had its own distinct terrifying taste of the horror that is yet to come due to human’s animalistic nature. O-Bi, O-Ba: The End Of Civilization is no different, but that’s where the comparisons end. In a league of its own stylistic & cinematically, it tells the tale of survivors of a vaguely described nuclear holocaust trapped beneath the ground in a vault. Drowning in enough apathetic romantic blue lighting to make Michael Mann scream, this Lynchian landscape features hustlers, religious zealots, & seductive trapeze artists, all searching for an escape from the waking nightmare. Being a Polish & Soviet production, it has all the beautiful & frantic energy Polish New Wave auteurs like Andrzej Żuławski’s with the nihilism of some of Soviet cinema’s best visionaries.

Sourced from the original 35 mm film print, this tape is limited to 5 copies & has reversible covers complete in a white clamshell & comes with free shipping! These will ship on January 11th, 2024.