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John Lennon – Rock & Roll (LP)


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When John Lennon quit the Beatles (or depending on who you talk to, broke up the band with the help of his avant-garde artist wife Yoko Ono), he did a lot of soul searching. Going from being in one of the most popular bands in history to a solo act takes some adjusting & Lennon spent the next few years looking for his own unique voice. An avid fan of rockabilly, Elvis, & classic American rock & roll, Lennon summoned his favorite producer at the time, head case huckster / soul music maestro Phil Spector, and they locked themselves in a studio with dozens of the best session musicians, flunkys, & socialites with enough drugs to choke an elephant to craft their masterpiece. A gun incident, lots of arguing, & a few misfires later Spector was fired. What remains is this album featuring Lennon covering some of his favorite classic rock tunes. This LP is in excellent condition, kept in a smoke-free home & comes with free shipping!