Soviet Horror Week is a 7-day interactive horror experience that will transport you back to the final decade of the USSR, where a fear began to build before the fall & an onslaught of horror cinema channeled the growing dread of society as censorship eroded. For best results, we recommend:

  • 1. Find a quiet, dark place to experience it
  • 2. Wear headphones if possible
  • 3. Use a desktop computer for best results

By clicking Continue below, you are granted access to a doorway into Soviet Horror Week: Creatures Killers & Cosmonauts hosted by Lady Izdihar. Expect the unexpected… Which could mean flashing lights and sudden noises. Enter at your own risk.


Lilac Ball (1988)

In this Gothic Belarusian folk tale, A folk story collector recounts his youth, where a rainstorm left him in the company of a wealthy family and supernatural events unfolded.

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The Veldt (1987)

The Shining meets The Thing in this paranoid hard boiled sci-fi nightmare about a Soviet police officer that gets stranded with a mysterious company at a ski resort.

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